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Goodlife Personal Trainer Courses

Goodlife Approved Agatsu Strength Certification

for Level 3 to 4 Advancement


Agatsu is proud to work with Goodlife gyms across the country providing world class continuing education for its trainers. The following 3 day versions of our STRENGTH & SPEED course has been tailor made to provide the most well rounded education for Goodlife professionals. Please note that only these 3 day versions of our programs are recognized for level 3 to 4 advancement.



Most conversations about lifting and programming really boil down to personal experiences and go something like “Do X program and Y lifts, because they worked well for Z. If that doesn’t work, try something else.”

The Agatsu Strength and Speed course is not just a list of programs and exercises to blindly follow. It is designed to give participants the tools needed to understand what goes into designing a program from the ground up, as well as technical training to break down the major barbell lifts and a wide variety of exercises for speed development.

Don’t just learn the “what”, learn the “why”.

This is no ordinary powerlifting-based course, nor is it any ordinary programming course. It’s the unique perspective Agatsu is known for worldwide, now brought to the traditional weight room.

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What You Will Learn:

-Technical training in the major barbell power lifts, and how to apply them outside of powerlifting for athletes and general clients.

-How to incorporate barbell variants using chains, bands or other augments.

-How to clearly define strength, speed and explosiveness and understand how to focus your training.

-How to program using percentages versus training by feel, and why/when to use one or the other.

-Understand the role of muscle mass in athletics and how to develop it properly.

-The role of speed in strength and athletics, who needs specific speed training and how to integrate it.

-Training techniques for speed and explosiveness.


The Agatsu Kettlebell Certification is an additional course that can be taken to meet the pre-requisites to move to level 5,6 or 7.


With thousands of instructors in over eight countries the Agatsu Kettlebell Instructor Course is one of the top Kettlebell courses in the world. A Kettlebell pioneer, Agatsu is the company that introduced Kettlebells to Canadians creating the first instructional certification, DVDs, workbooks and seminars.

Known around the world as the choice of top fitness professionals the Agatsu program is used by the Canadian Military, Fire & Resuce and in gyms around the world such as Steve Nash Fitness (Canada) and Pure Fitness (Hong Kong & Singapore). The Agatsu Kettlebell program is the only Canadian program to be adopted around the world-wide.

Kettlebell enthusiasts who would like to learn how to become personal trainers and develop the skills to train others with Kettlebells are flocking to these seminars.

All courses are taught by Shawn Mozen or a Senior Agatsu Instructor

Kettlebell Certification

More than just a Kettlebell seminar, the Agatsu program will introduce you to some of the most powerful training and teaching concepts guaranteed to change how you and your clients look at fitness. Our instructor training seminars have been attended by established personal trainers, raw beginners, law enforcement agents and others looking to improve their training and to coach others. Arguably one of the most comprehensive programs available the Agatsu certification covers everything from Kettlebell Sport to the common fitness technical variations used in gyms around the world.

What you will learn:

  • Classic and non classical Kettlebell exercises such as Swings, Cleans, Snatch, Presses,Windmills and Turkish Get Up will be covered in great detail along with many other essential techniques.
  • Develop a deep understanding of Kettlebell basics and their variations. Multiple variations and their uses will be explored for every exercise as well as supplemental to help you and your clients break through training plateaus.
  • Joint Mobility theory and basics as a means of joint prep and injury prevention pre and post workout.
  • Learn how to safely and incrementally scale exercises to suit the ability of a wide range of clients.
  • Learn the secrets to creating killer Kettlebell classes and individual programming.
  • Discover how to program creative Kettlebell workouts that will challenge your clients in group or private sessions.
  • Explore the fundamentals of Kettlebell Sport training and its applications for fitness.
  • Marketing workshop will show you how to market your current and new skills to potential clients as well as powerful tools for retaining current ones.

Instructor courses are hands on where all participants are expected to train. Each weekend course is aprox 16hrs and covers: Kettlebell basics and advanced exercises, Joint Mobility and Bodyweight Exercises as well as marketing. This is NOT a pay for diploma, you must earn your certification. Anyone who does not pass an Agatsu instructor course may within one year attempt the same course free of charge.

In order to maintain the high standards that our certifications have become associated

with, re-certification is mandatory every 2 years. Fee for re-certifying is $200.

Requirements for level 1

(to see level 2 requirement click on a listing)

    • Men are expected to perform the basics taught at the course with a min of a 16KG Kettlebell. Women are expected to demonstrate the basics with an 8KG or 12KG Kettlebell.
    • A technical exam must be passed showing that each participant understands and can perform the basics of Swings, Clean, Snatch, Windmill and Turkish Get Up safely and technically. Points are deducted for safety violations such as rounding your back during the pick up of the weight for a Kettlebell Swing.
    • There is a short written exam covering the material presented over the weekend. The exam is made up of 30 multiple choice questions. A passing grade on this exam is 80%.
    • You can purchase the course E-book here Agatsu Kettlebell Training E-Book.
    • Trainers are not certified to conduct other certifications. Any Agatsu trainer who conducts instructor certifications without express permission from Agatsu will render their certification null and void.
    • The final exams consists of several Kettlebell circuits and a technical demonstration. All trainers must perform both to ensure a min standard of fitness and technical ability. During the technical test each participant must demonstrate a clear understanding and ability with the basics taught during the course. To ensure successful completion of the course and achievement of your certification we suggest everyone prepare with our Kettlebell 1 program available in our Online Members Training Programs. The Kettlebell 1 Program includes the 65 page Agatsu Instructors Kettlebell Workbook, several follow along classes, instructional video clips, workouts and more. It is the best online resource to ensure you are a success at our instructor certification seminars.

*Registration is a reservation and guarantee of your place at a course.

There are no refunds or transfers for a reserved spot. In the event that a workshop is canceled for some unforeseen reason, we will refund all registrations.