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Shawn Mozen holding two Agatsu Kettlebells
Kettlebell Jerk Hong Kong


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Loved learning the fundamentals of how to use kettlebells efficiently. I use the knowledge from this course every week with my athletes and my own personal training plan. If you’re gonna learn how to swing a bell, learn it from the OGs at Agatsu.

Dave Marrow, 15 year veteran Canadian Armed Forces, Author of Nimble Warrior

We have been blessed with the opportunity to meet and learn from Shawn and Sara-Clare, both of whom are extremely passionate about their physical culture and sharing their knowledge and expertise. They are true craftsmen leading the way in merging both mobility and strength capacities in all its permutations. Learning and training with them is simply fun, interesting and mind shifting. We recommend anything they have to offer. We are proud to call them friends!

Jaime and Scotty Livingston

I was looking for top-notch kettle bell instruction so the peer fitness trainers could support the fitness activities of the rest of our firefighters and staff. We were able to contract Shawn to come out and work with my team for a weekend in August and it was the best thing we did for our crews. The training was hard but so rewarding. Everyone loved what they learned and took it to heart as we incorporated into one of our most popular and still used programming.

Georgette Reed (She/Her) OLY, ChPC, MA, BA, CSCS, TSAC-FOlympian, Coach / Director of Athletics and Recreation, Capilano UniversityFormer Health and Wellness Coordinator, Edmonton Fire Rescue Services

Best Hands On Learning experience! A great investment to my skill set

Ernie Betos - Physical Therapist

One of the best persons at teaching and actually transferring physical knowledge in my book is Shawn Mozen. I consider myself lucky to have learned from him.

Eric Guttmann - US Navy

Agatsu Kettlebell Certification is one of the best fitness and training resources you could ever invest in.

Dan Bettcher

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