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Strength & Speed Specialist Certification

strength and speed certification


Feb 10-11 Calgary Level 1 REGISTER
May 24-26 Toronto Level 1 REGISTER



Most conversations about lifting and programming really boil down to personal experiences and go something like “Do X program and Y lifts, because they worked well for Z. If that doesn’t work, try something else.”

The Agatsu Strength and Speed course is not just a list of programs and exercises to blindly follow. It is designed to give participants the tools needed to understand what goes into designing a program from the ground up, as well as technical training to break down the major barbell lifts and a wide variety of exercises for speed development.

Don’t just learn the “what”, learn the “why”!

power lifting certification testimonial

This is no ordinary powerlifting-based course, nor is it any ordinary programming course. It’s the unique perspective Agatsu is known for worldwide, now brought to the traditional weight room.

 What You Will Learn:

  • Technical training in the major barbell power lifts, and how to apply them outside of powerlifting for athletes and general clients.
  • How to incorporate barbell variants using chains, bands or other augments.
  • How to clearly define strength, speed and explosiveness and understand how to focus your training.
  • How to program using percentages versus training by feel, and why/when to use one or the other.
  • Understand the role of muscle mass in athletics and how to develop it properly.
  • The role of speed in strength and athletics, who needs specific speed training and how to integrate it.
  • Training techniques for speed and explosiveness.

powerlifting certification testimonial

powerlifting certification testimonial

 strength and speed certification

Who Is This Course For?

✅ Trainers, coaches and fitness enthusiasts who want to improve their personal skills and their ability to train others.

✅ Any athlete who is serious about improving their physical conditioning.

✅ Many non trainers attend Agatsu courses for their own personal development. If you are taking the course to improve your personal knowledge and do not wish to be certified you may participate without testing.


In order to maintain the high standards that our certifications have become associated with, re-certification is mandatory every 2 years. Fee to re-certify is half price.

*Registration is a reservation and guarantee of your place at a course. There are no refunds or transfers for a reserved spot.


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