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If you’d like all your movements to feel absolutely wonderful - strong, flexible and pain-free in every direction - then this will be the most important page you ever read.

Here’s why

Shawn Mozen is 45 years old. But you'd never know it watching Shawn move. In fact, even most athletes in their 20s are not capable of the movement and mobility feats Shawn does casually. He makes them look easy. Because to him, they are. Not because of any natural athletic gifts. But because year after year, Shawn has practiced a series of simple "foundations of movement" exercises. These are the sort of exercises that preserve your body through time, and strengthen your joints in all those directions people tend to neglect. They are simple, relatively easy to do, and can be incorporated into any training routine you're currently doing. But the benefits are staggering. And the difference between practicing these exercises or not is almost unbelievable as time passes. Here's a good way to think about them: Imagine time and old age are a catastrophic flood that's coming for everyone... And these simple exercises are the ark you build to keep your body safe and young through the storm. If you do the work (it's not hard), you'll be absolutely amazed at the results. And you will be delivered from the crippling fate of stiff, weak movements. And you will begin to see a giant difference between yourself... And everyone else who doesn't keep things up as they age. Especially among athletes. Because as it turns out, even among competitive athletes, the fitness world is absolutely plagued by bad habits of movement, and imbalances in the body.

What does that mean?

It means there is a huge difference between accomplishing a competitive goal, like running a race in a certain time, or lifting a certain amount of weight, and teaching your body the proper foundations of movement. But, it is VERY important to train your body to move properly FIRST... Before you ever attempt to achieve any fitness goal. Because if you don't, you will pay the price. If not immediately, then eventually, over time. Because as we train, and as we age, time begins to reveal our mistakes. Sometimes, the result is dramatic. Like in the case of an acute injury. Injuries like this can have lifelong consequences, and take massive time away from training. Or even just living a happy life. Because even doing simple things, like walking or going to the bathroom, can be absolute misery when you're injured. Other times, the result is more subtle. The consequences creep up on us. Like the frog boiling slowly in a big pot of water, we don’t notice how this bad habit is hurting us, until it’s been going on for years, and it’s too late. All of a sudden, we wake up one day and realize: we can’t sit down, or lift our arm a certain way, or do a certain movement, without persistent pain and tightness every time.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

The truth is, if you train your body to move properly, you can train intensely and achieve goal after goal, absolutely pain-free, well into your 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond. You will be embarrassing the youngins well into your golden years, when you master the foundations of movement. You will amaze yourself at how good you feel all the time, because your body is balanced and pain-free.

And you can train practically injury-free your entire career.

Yes, your whole life, you can bullet-proof yourself to the most common injuries, and cut your recovery time in half, for those accidents that simply couldn’t be prevented. In some cases, by even more than that.

Best part: it DOES NOT matter what condition you're in right now!

It doesn’t matter if you “feel old”. It doesn’t matter if you have joint pain. It doesn’t matter if you’re overweight and out of shape. It doesn’t matter if you’re recovering from a previous injury.

Everyone can benefit from learning the foundations of movement.

Introducing the AGATSU Foundations of Movement Program.

Taught by Shawn Mozen and Sara-Clare Lajeunesse, this program gives you everything you need to make flawless movement simple. Here’s what you’ll find inside: Each week, Shawn and Sara will send you a series of videos that show you what to do, and how to do it. These videos are recorded in HD, and explain everything very clearly. For the whole body. Head to toe. Your workout days and rest days will be clearly explained and, there’s plenty of flexibility and wiggle room in the routines. You could easily balance this with other training you might do. Shawn and Sara both enjoy training many disciplines - such as Jiu-Jitsu, in addition to their fitness and mobility work. You’ll also find videos explaining how the program is laid out, and how to understand the tempo of the exercises. Plus, there are different levels of the program. So if you’re just getting back into moving, or if you’re a beginner, you don’t have to do 5 training days a week. 1 or 2 will give you great benefit. For those who are more experienced, and ready to dive in deep, the program will meet you where you’re at as well.

The whole course is designed to be simple, and to meet everyone where you're at now.

I’m not sure just how vividly you can imagine how great it will feel, when all your movements feel completely natural... pain free... without any inner friction or tight spots… No matter what sort of exercise you’re doing. Or how your life would be different if those annoying aches and pains, in your neck, in your shoulders, in your back, in your hips, in your knees, gently just disappeared... And they were replaced with relaxed, supple, strong muscles and joints, free to move in any direction as you please… So you were able to move like you did when you were a kid… when you just moved, and didn’t feel anything when you did so.

Do you remember that?

How when everything is working like it should, you just don’t feel it at all? How you can focus on what you’re doing, and not the zinging pain or tightness? Or how great will it be to really lean into your training and hit new goals, without having a single thought of injury, because you know and feel you’re solid and flexible - in every direction?

It is not natural to be afraid to move like you want to, because your body is too tight, or too imbalanced, or in pain.

So Join Shawn and Sara for the most important online course AGATSU offers: The Foundations of Movement Online Training, to return to your natural state, and to feel just how good movement can be, for your whole life.

Here's what other people are saying about The AGATSU Foundations of Movement Online training:

Shawna Douglas
#Repost @kiconditioning ・・・ Push (verb) to press with energy and insistence. #bodyweighttraining #calisthenics #mobility #flexibility #levers
 "Hi Sara! Here's my take on how much I'm in love with your online training! I am so grateful to have you and Shawn leading my fitness journey. Keep doing what you're doing! Since I started Agatsu's Advanced Online Training program in November I have overcome my biggest training obstacle and progressed as an athlete far beyond my expectations. Biceps tendonitis shoulder pain had plagued me for over two years. I had been bodybuilding hard without taking the time to warm up properly. There were many days that I could not lift my arm to get a bowl out of the cupboard without pain. I knew I had to train smarter if I wanted to enjoy many more years of healthy movement and a strong body. Living with pain is not fun! I took the Upper Mobility course from Agatsu and learned that movement was the best way to bulletproof my body. There was no question when the online training was launched, I signed up immediately. The in depth warm ups, movement prep exercises and alternating flexibility and strength workouts have literally halted the pain. The progressions and regressions allow me to work hard at a level I am comfortable with. I feel like I've accomplished great things when I can "level up" my progressions. I have improved my flexibility and mobility in my shoulders and my hips and I have gained much strength in their full range of motion. Today my shoulders are capable of doing these crazy things I never thought possible - skin the cats, levers and kettlebell pancakes - pain free. My body has never felt better! Thank you Shawn and Sara-Clare for the brilliant program design and easy to follow coaching videos. You have given me the knowledge and skills to enjoy my healthiest and strongest body for many years to come. Through your classes and social media I have also connected with some amazing athletes, fellow Agatsu foundations students, who continue to inspire and motivate me daily. I love your online foundations program." Will Quijada, Muai Thai Fighter "Hey! Thanks so much Sara! And thanks to the awesome programming I am always able to find the the right progression depending on how my body feels that day. My previous programs always led to injury, I wasn't able to consistently train. I thought I was doing too much, was overtraining and the wear and tear of 20+ fights was catching up to me. This was a big reason why I stopped competing in Muay Thai/kickboxing. Since joining the Agatsu online training I've been feeling great and consistently getting stronger and moving like a martial artist should be. If all goes well I will look to get back in the ring after a 4 year lay off and continue competing in an art that I am very passionate about. All thanks to the Agatsu online programming!" Sarah Bozman "Agatsu Foundations of Movement It has been nine months since I began my fitness training online with Agatsu, and how I move has changed my life. I have been a martial artist for twenty years. Despite this, I was only moderately flexible and had hip, shoulder and spinal stiffness. I thought flexibility was an attribute for other people. It turns out, I was wrong. Through Agatsu, I have learned to back bend, opening up my t-spine, shoulders and hip flexors. I have developed the ability to pistol squat, control a proper handstand and do my first muscle up. By working towards these skills I have gained immense mobility, strength and endurance. Some of the most remarkable experiences I have had include returning to a skill I struggled with, and discovering how much easier it is six weeks down the road, examples include muscle-ups, dragon flags and levers, to name a few. I do not train with Agatsu just to learn wicked new skills, although those are pretty awesome. I train to move better and develop a healthy, injury resistant body. One of the most noticeable changes I found, (and my training partners found too), was in the power of my kicks. After a few months of daily hip mobility practice, my kicks became immensely more powerful, fluid and effortless. The Agatsu Foundations of Movement program gives you the blue print to elevate your training. Whether you are twenty five or fifty two, an office worker or an athlete, Agatsu programming will improve your movement and your life. Oleg! "I am almost 60th and KB works a huge role in my everyday live Cheers Shawn!" Jeanette Pearson
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#Repost @jeanette.anne loving the results of her Agatsu Online Training. ・・・
I thought my days of visible abs were over. But maybe not ? #abs by #agatsu
"I started working with Sara-Clare nine months ago when I committed to taking the Agatsu Level 2 Kettlebell Certification, and it is one of the smartest investments I have ever made. She is good! The skill testing required for successful completion of this certification are not easy, and they were all outside my skill level. I didn't know how to get from where I was to where I needed to be, so I asked for help. For over 20 years I've been exercising by myself. Most of things I do have been self-taught, and I've never been keen on going too far outside my comfort zone. Sara-Clare has guided me through this process with intelligence, patience and encouragement and I have seen nothing but improvements in every aspect of my physical fitness. The programming is challenging but remains novel from week to week, I haven't had one injury, I'm excited to workout, and I like working toward a meaningful goal. This training has been equally tough and enjoyable I am currently in the very best shape of my life! And, when you're in the best shape of your life, your life changes. Thank you for everything, Sara-Clare! This has been a remarkable year!"

If you are ready for all your movements to feel absolutely wonderful - strong, flexible and pain-free in every direction - then click the link below for instant access to the AGATSU Foundations of Movement Online Training.

Yes, for less than $1 a day, you can train your body to move with perfect balance and harmony, so you can achieve your fitness goals for a lifetime - without pain, injury or stiffness - and it will feel good! So if you were to imagine a day, say six months from now, when you simply can't believe how easy it is, how good it feels, to move however you please... To workout however you please... To go after the goals that truly motivate you and get you fired up... So that you feel strong, motivated, proud, and absolutely pumped to achieve your goals, and train as often as you please... And you remember that six months ago, your investment of only $1 a day with Shawn and Sara as your coaches was the beginning of it all... How good will it feel to know that this is just part of who you are now? I hope to hear your story soon, and add it to our wall of victory like you saw above. Click the link below to get started now: P.S. Here's a video demo of Shawn teaching about mobility, and why it's so important: