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Beginner Juggling

Welcome to Agatsu Kettlebell Juggling. This special online tutorial was specifically designed to share with you the system we have taught for years at our workshops. Each movement skill is built upon the previous lesson. Take your time and follow the step by step process that we have refined over years of teaching and testing. Don't skip any of the basic safety or intro videos!! Kettlebell Juggling is fun and should be safe. Follow all of the guidelines and of course use caution and common sense when performing your training.
  1. Intro to Kettlebell Juggling
  2. Kettlebell Juggling safety
  3. The Power of ten
  4. Kettlebell Juggling Seminar Intro
  5. Two Hand Swing & Release
  6. Corrections for Two Hand Swing & Release
  7. One Hand Swing & Release
  8. Hot Potato
  9. Bottoms Up Toss
  10. Bottoms Up Clean & Hot Potato Combo
  11. Basic Two Hand Flip
  12. Basic Two Hand Flip (Part 2)
  13. Basic One Hand Flip
  14. Basic One Hand Flip (Part 2)
  15. Cross Body Single Flip
  16. Hammer Spins
  17. Corrections for problems with Hammer Spins
  18. Helicopter Spin
  19. Flip Flow (Workout # 1- Perform 3 to 5 sets)
  20. Around the Body Pass with a Spin Redirect
  21. Uppercut
  22. Around the Body Redirect Uppercut Combo
  23. Behind the Back Flip
  24. Forearm Stall
  25. Forearm Stall With a Flip
  26. Flip Catch Pivot
  27. Clean it Up(Workout #2-Perform 3 to 5 sets)
  28. Follow Flow (Workout #3-Perform 3 to 5 sets)
  29. Baller Flow (Workout #4-Perform 3 to 5 sets)
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