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Mastering the Swing: The Pendulum - Part 3 - Agatsu Fitness

Mastering the Swing: The Pendulum - Part 3

Welcome back, Kettlebell enthusiasts! If you've been following our series on "How to Swing a Kettlebell," you've already mastered the setup and the art of lifting the Kettlebell off the floor, setting a strong foundation for your kettlebell journey. Now, it's time to delve into Part 3, where we begin to master the swing with a pendulum motion while prioritizing the crucial 3-point stack to ensure a safe and effective workout.

In Part 2, we emphasized the importance of maintaining the 3-point stack—keeping the 3 points of the spine in alignment—to safeguard our backs during kettlebell exercises. In Part 3, we build on this foundation, guiding you through a back-and-forth pendulum motion that will help you build the foundation for the Kettlebell swing. This dynamic movement is less challenging than the swing and serves as the perfect test for how well you can maintain your 3 point stack before you try to tackle the full movement.

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For those seeking a more immersive experience, we're thrilled to announce our upcoming in-person Toronto Kettlebell Instructor Certification. In just two days, you can acquire knowledge that surpasses what most individuals gain in a year of training and scouring the internet for kettlebell guidance.

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