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New Years Resolutions in December: Setting Yourself Up for Fitness Success Not Failure - Agatsu Fitness

New Years Resolutions in December: Setting Yourself Up for Fitness Success Not Failure

Its almost the dreaded New Years resolution time. That right, the time of year when gyms are packed for two weeks followed by the sounds of crushed dreams and forgotten goals.

As the year winds down, many aspire to embark on a fitness journey as part of their New Year's resolutions. However, the all-too-common pitfall of losing momentum by the end of January often dampens these aspirations. To combat this, let's explore how starting your fitness resolution early and building a supportive team can significantly enhance your chances of success.

Understanding the Challenge

Picture Sue, eager to shed those extra pounds and get in shape for the upcoming year. Like many, she's fallen into the cycle of setting ambitious fitness goals on January 1st, only to find herself derailed by mid-January. It's not for lack of determination but rather the absence of a solid plan and support system.

Start Early, Stay Strong

Instead of waiting for the New Year's spark, Sue decides to begin her fitness journey in December. She starts by setting clear, achievable milestones, such as walking three times a week or gradually increasing her water intake. By starting early, Sue gives herself time to acclimate to the changes, identify potential hurdles, and adjust her approach accordingly. This isn't like ripping off a bandaid where faster might be better. Its better to move slowly towards a goal rather than quickly toward defeat. (Read that again.)

The Power of a Supportive Team

Recognizing the importance of a support system, Sue involves her friends and family in her fitness journey. She creates a team around her, joining fitness groups or partnering up with friends who share similar goals. This camaraderie not only boosts motivation but also holds her accountable, as they cheer each other on through the process.

As the saying goes, you are the sum of the five people that you spend the most time with. So if you hang out with the lazy, negative and unmotivated then guess what? Surround yourself with positive people who want the same things that you do and together you will all move forward.

Professional Guidance for Precision

Sue understands the value of expertise and decides to hire a personal trainer. The trainer helps tailor workouts to her specific needs, ensuring a safe and effective routine. Their guidance not only provides structure but also serves as a source of motivation and knowledge, empowering Sue with the tools to succeed.

Continuous Improvement, Continuous Results

With an early start, a supportive team, and professional guidance, with the help of her trainer, Sue develops a routine that becomes second nature. She commits to small, consistent efforts, gradually increasing intensity and duration. Regular check-ins with her trainer and support group keep her on track and motivated, ensuring that she doesn't lose sight of her goals.

Building a Foundation for Success

Sue's story exemplifies the power of starting early and fostering a supportive network. By setting realistic goals, surrounding herself with like-minded individuals, and seeking professional guidance, she lays a strong foundation for her fitness journey. As December unfolds, she's already on her way towards a healthier lifestyle, setting herself up for sustained success well beyond the New Year.

Remember, the key to achieving fitness resolutions lies not in the date but in the commitment, planning, and unwavering support system. So, why wait for January 1st when the journey towards a healthier you can start today?

Ways to start?

If you are struggling with ways to start here are two ways we can support you. 

1) It takes time to build a habbit or break one. Thats what our Routine Reset Online program is all about, check it out here and start your transformation. 

2) Join a local gym right now, not tomorrow or in January. If you are in Montreal come check us out (Jiujitsu Montreal/Agatsu Gym)and take advantage of our intro offer. If you are out of town we work with people online and can customize a program to suite your particular needs. Contact us for info on custom programs.

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