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Joint Mobility Certification Review - Agatsu Fitness

Joint Mobility Certification Review

"Before you can work with the resitance offered by tools like barbells, Kettlebells or sandbags you should first learn to move and control your own body." -Shawn Mozen Joint Mobility and bodyweight training have been a part of Agatsu since the beginning. At the heart of our training we explore movement and control without weights and then challenge our ability with the use of external tools like barbells and the like. Through continual research we explore and refine our approach to developing a bodyweight practice that helps us develop skills that transfer to everything we do from spots to our daily lives. This research is a mix of gymnastics, yoga, martial arts, circus and comes from the many forms of training we have been exposed to over years of research. The Agatsu Joint Mobility and Movement program has been hosted in big box and small Crossfit gyms around the world. The best way to tell you what our students learn at these courses is to let you read their reviews and thoughts on the two day intensive. Dave MacLean OK, it has taken a few days for me to post about my experience from the recent Agatsu joint-mobility + bodyweight certification that Element Athletic hosted this past weekend... I am very humbled, frustrated, inspired and thankful all in one! It was an intense weekend of learning and being a student and I definitely had my ass handed to me - in a good way! First off, a big thanks and appreciation go out to my friends and mentors Shawn Mozen and Sara-Clare Lajeunesse for making the trip out west and teaching and sharing their take on training with us. Clearly, you guys stay in the 'suck' zone often and hang with people who are specialists and experts on a frequent basis (making you the students in the room), because everytime I see you both you get so much damn better at everything you do. It's nuts! You guys continually level up, time and time again, and not only is it impressive and inspiring, but I would go so far to say that what you both are doing with training the body puts you (in my opinion) as the most well rounded and 'general' specialists I have ever seen. No one is doing what you two are doing as well as you both are doing it, so I say with complete sincerity that I am damn proud of you guys. All your hard work does not go un-noticed - even though we only get a small glimpse of it! It's not often that I am the beginner in the room or the student anymore, so it was very humbling and ego-crushing for me to work this weekend with the rest of the students. This is a good thing, but hard to swallow. 4 years ago I experienced this when learning kettlebell training and now it comes back full-circle with this style of training the body from a more 'holistic' approach. My eyes are open to something huge. I see not areas of 'weakness', but ways to 'improve'. It was tough for me to look at it that way, but once the frustration came to a pause and I was able to put the ego aside, I remembered that everyone who was ever great at something was once a beginner. Moving my joints and co-ordinating them in ways I never have before, improving basic movements such as the push up, bear crawl and lizard crawl, working progressions and regressions on the rings, doing hollow holds, learning how to improve T-spine mobility and mechanics, bridging, handstands (which are insanely stupid hard and intense), opening my hips in some badass ways, etc were just a few things we sampled this weekend. To me, it's like working your ass off to make $100,000, and then hanging with someone on a yacht and having them explain to you how they made $1,000,000,000. It's mind blowing. It's 'raising the lid' to a new extreme. I am not sure where to go next with my training after this weekend, as I have some serious decisions to make to see what will work best for me (I am an extremely obsessive type of person), but I have definitely learned again that it is good to always be a student rather than get cocky and be the best, and am inspired to learn once more. There is always someone better than you. Life is about 'increase'. Be the shark - swim or die! Time to go increase my game and level up! To anyone who is stuck in a plateau with their training, be it strength gains, movement quality, or if you are just bored because you studied something and feel you mastered it, I would very much recommend this certification. True, I am slightly bias as I too represent Agatsu Inc and want to see my friends do well, but I also don't lie; what you will learn and see is beyond next level. No kettlebell expert, Olympic lifting expert, Yogi, strength coach, personal trainer, or any other authoritive figure I can think of can show you what this course will. It is a buffet of movement, gymnastics, extreme body-weight strength, co-ordination, and 'increase'... Value up the ying-yang! Signing off to go change into my new Agatsu compression pants (someone told me they make you stronger just wearing them) and work some basics.. Pete Williams I am a practising Registered Physical Therapist and found the movement and joint mobility course so packed with great information that I took it twice in one year just so that I was better able to synthesize the content. Actually designed as way to enhance overall fitness, this two day Certification is not anchored down with excessive theory or unnecessary course work, just sound exercises with appropriate progressions and principles of mobility that I was immediately able to integrate into my Physical Therapy Practice the next day. I have spent thousands on numerous courses and have found this course to be the best value for immediate impact on my clients. For any rehabilitation specialists, (Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists, or Athletic Therapists), I would strongly recommend being open-minded and stepping outside of the standard repertoire of courses offered by your respective professions. Sara and Shawn are progressive and will help you think-outside of the conventional “box” as to what is possible with rehabilitation. Pete Williams (Registered Physical Therapist) CAFCI BSc. Kinesiology MSc. Physical Therapy

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