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HOW DO I FIT IT ALL IN? - Agatsu Fitness


In this episode we sit down & discuss how to make sure you are setting yourself up for success when it comes to fitting in exercise, recovery & your daily responsibilities.

Scheduling Is Very Much A Habit.

Have you tired to follow someone else’s schedule thinking they have all the answers? Have you ended up frustrated and feeling defeated at the end of the day?That’s because scheduling is a very personal thing. It has to fit into your life, not you trying to live someone else’s. Figuring out your responsibilities first will really help you see where you can best utilize your time and help you make better opportunities for yourself.

Here are some key points that you should analyze first before building your ideal schedule.1-What Is Your Job?

Do you have a regular schedule or are you on shift work? Are you new parent, a student or retired? Are you in need of more support to do your job? If so what is the solution? Can you ask a family member or co-worker for help to create a better schedule that would make all involved happier?

2-Build In Your Recovery.

Without proper recovery you are not operating at your best, and therefore not offering your best to others that depend on you. In order to avoid burning out, once you have writing out your schedule, start to build in times that you can use to focus on you.These times do not have to be a whole hour. They can be quick 10-20 minute spots where you see an opportunity to fit in a nap, a quick movement snack, a walk, or read a good book. The most important thing is that you listen to your body during these times you have set aside for yourself. Perhaps you had planned an intense sweat session, but you have been up all night with a new born or you just finished a gruelling night shift? You have already made this time a priority for you, so now you need to listen to your body. It’s ok to change the game plan from a full workout to something more restorative. But the most important thing is that you stick to YOUR SCHEDULE and take the time you set aside for you regardless of the activity.

3-Get Outside In The Morning.

Even if its just for 5 minutes, getting outside first thing in the morning is proven to help you energize your body and boost your mood. Natural light & fresh air stimulate your body’s nervous system, increases brain function (the actually uses about 4 times as much oxygen as your muscles do), increases endorphins & creativity, lowers blood pressure and reduces stress-related hormones cortisol & adrenaline. All this and it aids in weight loss and better sleep. Best part of it all is it’s FREE!

4- Build Your Space.

We discussed the idea of a Courage Corner & wearing the part in our talk. In order to make exercising or dedicating time to yourself a consistent practice, you must have a dedicated space to in which to do so. This space should be set up in a place you enjoy spending time in. Even better if you can, make it visible to your eye everyday, it will become an unconscious reminder to make time for yourself. Choosing a quiet dark basement where you can escape for a little while maybe your jam. However if you find yourself forgetting to practice or not feeling energize to be in the space, it’s time for a change.Courage Corners were designed during war times. “It is a space where soldiers went for 20, 30, or 40 minutes a day to perform their physical practice. Regardless of what they had been doing beforehand, once they stepped into that designated area, it was all business. The goal was to hone their skills and do some hard physical work that would keep them ready for anything. And there were no complex machines, rows of weights, or even squat racks in sight—just a few bells and a humble mat. The courage corners were not designed for show but for practicality. That’s where you went to get strong.”Lastly, wearing the part can be huge for how you feel when you practice. I have client who is in the process of losing weight. She was always showing up to Online Gym Classes feeling sluggish and fat. This is not a good mindset in which to perform your best. So one day after class, I discussed with her about getting some new workout clothes. She said she wanted to wait until she had lost all the weight. I suggested to her that perhaps the clothes she is wearing now are actually adding to the negative feelings in her body image and stopping her from giving it her all when she is training. I asked her to go out and find an outfit that made her feel her best in her body as it is right now, and not try to relive the past by squeezing into something that used to fit. Once she did, that was all the change she needed to give her the extra mood boost and energy. She has this amazing pair of hot pink pants, that looks awesome on her and make her feel sexy! And when she walks into class, her positive energy is infectious!

Some questions to help your get started:What time of day do you feel the most energetic? Try building in our practice then.What is your space like? What are your non negotiables, your must haves in order for you to enjoy your space? Check out some great examples of Courage Corners from our team and students.
Caroline and Allie
My Corner

Hope you enjoyed our first episode. Stay tuned to Agatsu Fitnessevery Monday at 12pm EST for another LIVE topic discussion, where you can get your questions answered. NEXT WEEK’S TOPIC IS MOTIVATION
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