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Get Certified this fall. New dates/locations just added.
Get Certified this fall. New dates/locations just added.
High Tension Vs High Volume Swings - Agatsu Fitness

High Tension Vs High Volume Swings

What’s the difference between High Tension vs High Volume Swings?

We get asked this question all the time. So here’s a great breakdown from head of kb sport @agatsu_og

High tension is used for explosive & power training, where as high volume is meant for endurance.

Think of it as the difference between sprinting & running a marathon. Both are still running but they require a change in technique in order to accomplish their goals.

While high tension swings are dependent on ballistic action of legs and back, holding a rigid posterior chain, high volume swings are much more dependent on counterbalance and a relaxed swing path. Taking advantage of a couple camera angles, I’m demonstrating a couple things…

• a diagonal swing path, from a relaxed pec and shoulder
• the body counterbalance necessary to offset the weigh of the kettlebell, a barycentric dynamic

And as I’m working up from 20kg to 36kg, my swing path remains consistent but the counterbalance (lean back) increases as the KB weight does.

Adopting this technique allows for greater volume without sacrificing weaker elements of the kinetic chain. This also leads into techniques such as the clean and snatch, building your kettlebell sport toolbox. 😁💪🤙

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