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Toronto Masters of Movement Training Camp - Agatsu Fitness

Toronto Masters of Movement Training Camp

We just wrapped up the Toronto Agatsu Masters of Movement training camp and as always these blogs are becoming harder and harder to write. How can you describe 5 days of Parkour, Ballet, Rock Climbing, Powerlifting and a Mobility and Movement Certification? To appreciate a Masters of Movement event you have to attend one. The pictures and stories are great but they only tell half the story. To get it you had to be there. As with other events this sold out seminar was made up of participants from diverse training backgrounds. Some were seasoned weightlifters and others were gymnasts and dancers but everyone was a beginner at something and for many they were beginners at most of the disciplines we tackled during the week. Masters of Movement isn't something that is only for the elite it is for anyone who loves to move and who wants to challenge themselves to move better. For five days our group explored a variety of movement concepts and how they could be integrated into the Agatsu philosophy to create a well rounded generalist capable of rising to any challenge life has to offer. Beyond a doubt some of the most challenging and rewarding workshops for everyone were Ballet. We were all forced to move in new ways and to completely step outside of our comfort zones. This meant more than just posting a catchy slogan or mime on our Facebook walls this meant really going for it and moving in ways we have never tried. I can honestly say that watching the Agatsu students taking on Ballet was one of my proudest moments. It would have been easy for everyone to turn those sessions into a time for jokes and try to laugh off the difficulty and precision required but instead each time I turned I saw a room full of determined people trying to do the best damn Ballet they could. They were dedicated, fearless and open and that's what it takes to be great at anything and that is what Masters of Movement is about. One translation of Agatsu means "beginners mind" and everyone who comes to a Masters of Movement event needs to do so with a beginners mind. If you are willing to empty your cup you will find five days that will change how you move and train forever.
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