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Top 4 Sore Muscle Treatments - Agatsu Fitness

Top 4 Sore Muscle Treatments

The joke goes something like this, it is day two of the Agatsu Kettlebell Instructor Certification and I walk in to find most of the participants foam rolling, laying on the floor and moaning about being sore. "How's everyone feeling?" I ask and then I hear " sore." I then go on to tell them I have little sympathy and that I've been sore since the 80's. Ok, maybe not that long, in fact its not often that I am "rolling on the ground" sore and when I am I have over the years learned some great ways to deal with it and get myself and my students back to training ASAP. These are my top 4 sore muscle treatments, they have helped me train hard and keep training day after day and I know they will help you too.1) Sleep-If you just kicked the ever loving hell out of yourself in training you need to recover and that means quality rest. Sleep and sleep well my friends because tomorrow we are going to move those bodies again.2) Vitamin C- that's right, Vitamin C can help reduce muscle soreness if taken in the right amount. You don't want to just mega dose yourself with any vitamin so consult a trusted doctor before you try this. BCAA supplements are also great for speeding recover and repairing damaged muscles. As with any supplement look for the cleanest product you can buy. You want something that has been tested, approved and isn't packed with sugar and other junk that you wouldn't normally consume in a typical food.3) Move- "Doc it hurts when I do this.." Sometimes the best cure is hair of the dog that bit you. When I am really sore from training I drag myself to the gym and work light Indian Clubs for mobility. I get my body warm and moving. I won't have the hardest training that day but just moving around will get you feeling better faster. 4) Voodoo Balm- This is my best kept secret. Oh, I guess it was my best kept secret. A few years ago I suffered a really nasty groin tear while filming an instructional video. I dropped like a stone during the accident and knew immediately that I was pretty badly hurt. Not only was it hard to stand up or walk but in only three days I was expected to teach a 16hr Agatsu Kettlebell Certification. As I was doing everything I could think of to try to speed up the healing process I heard about a home remedy that could help. The remedy mixed some essential oils and was touted as a serious go to response for bad bruising, sore muscles and other traumas. I tried the "magic potion" as I called it and the results were pretty amazing. Three days after the accident I was back teaching another 16 hour Kettlebell course and training reguarly. I was still in wicked pain but I was healing and fast. Since that experience I have used this special mix on myself and a few friends, refining and experimenting with ingredients until I came to what I believe to be the best version of this formula. I call the mix Voodoo Balm a name coined after I gave some to one of my students and when he wanted more he asked "hey can you give me some more of your Voodoo stuff." Voodoo Balm is made with beeswax, coconut oil, plantain leaf, yarrow flowers, calendula flowers, comfrey leaf, wintergreen and Helichrysum italicum. Sorry but no I won't give you the recipe. I have spent too many years working on the right proportions to give it away but I have made it available to the public. As with other things I developed to help my training, once my students find out they keep at me until I make it easy for them to get as well. Well now its easy to get and try for yourself. Get VOODOO BALM I hope using my top 4 sore muscle treatments together will help you as much as they have helped me. Remember there is no one cure all that can relieve the pain of a self inflicted ass whopping. Combine all four for the ultimate recovery tag team. Enjoy your training.
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