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Sarah's Agatsu Journey - Agatsu Fitness

Sarah's Agatsu Journey

There is no better time than now to focus on you.

Self care & improvement are investments into your future. It’s never been easier then now to do so. Here’s what Sarah has to say about our Online Foundations Of Movement Program.

It has been nine months since I began my fitness training online with Agatsu, and how I move has changed my life. I have been a martial artist for twenty years. Despite this, I was only moderately flexible and had hip, shoulder and spinal stiffness. I thought flexibility was an attribute for other people. It turns out, I was wrong.

Through Agatsu, I have learned to back bend, opening up my t-spine, shoulders and hip flexors. I have developed the ability to pistol squat, control a proper handstand and do my first muscle up. By working towards these skills I have gained immense mobility, strength and endurance. Some of the most remarkable experiences I have had include returning to a skill I struggled with, and discovering how much easier it is six weeks down the road, examples include muscle-ups, dragon flags and levers, to name a few.

I do not train with Agatsu just to learn wicked new skills, although those are pretty awesome. I train to move better and develop a healthy, injury resistant body. One of the most noticeable changes I found, (and my training partners found too), was in the power of my kicks. After a few months of daily hip mobility practice, my kicks became immensely more powerful, fluid and effortless.

The Agatsu Foundations of Movement program gives you the blue print to elevate your training. Whether you are twenty five or fifty two, an office worker or an athlete, Agatsu programming will improve your movement and your life. Sarah Bozman

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