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Montrealer Gets Big Weightloss Before Joining Montreal Bootcamp - Agatsu Fitness

Montrealer Gets Big Weightloss Before Joining Montreal Bootcamp

The About a couple months ago we hired someone to do some work at the Agatsu Gym in Montreal. As we talked and joked around the man was shocked to find out that we were the same age. The day after the work was completed he returned and told me that he was really upset when he left. He couldn't believe that he looked so much older than me and asked how he could get himself in shape. What I told him may shock some gym owners. I asked him if he was really serious about doing something to change where he was going? He said he was and asked if he should join our Montreal Bootcamp class. I said "not yet, if you are really prepared to get serious about making a change I want you to look at your diet and other habits before you even think about joining the Montreal boot camp." I recommended a few books that would help him clean up his diet and lifestyle and told him that if he wasn't ready to do a little reading then he wouldn't be ready for the work we would have him do at the gym. No bootcamp, workout our Kettlebell class can undo the damage you do to yourself the other 23hrs of each and every day. If you want to get in shape and change your life you need to start with the foundation which is nutrition, sleep and how you deal with stress and recovery. Once you get a handle on those things you can and should start working on developing a life long physical training practice. A couple days ago the same man walked into the Agatsu Gym showing off his more than 15lbs weightloss. He looked younger and happier and was excited about the changes he made. He was also looking forward to joining our Montreal Bootcamp classes. His transformation is amazing and if he tackles physical training the same way he tackled his diet then he is going to get amazing results. As a trainer I am often saddened by peoples lack of will to change. I understand the difficulties everyone faces when they try to undo years of bad habbits and I empathize. Every now and then someone comes in and shows others how much can be done when they are really ready to commit 100%. I am totally inspired by this client and I hope others will be too. If you are ready to change things for yourself take the first step and contact us for more info on joining our Montreal Bootcamp or sign up for an Online Kettlebell Class.
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