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Kettlebell Windmill

^SUBSCRIBE We are back with another installment of our "Did you know?" series. This time we turn out attention to the Kettlebell Windmill and ask all of you, "did you know that you shouldn't bend your knees while performing this exercise?" If you goal is to increase your flexibility, STOP bending those knees and start working on holding the stretch. Bending your knees to try and touch the ground is about as useful as cutting......well.. watch the video and you will get the rest of the joke. Remember that the real goal isn't to touch the floor. The windmill can help you increase your flexibility and strength if you do it well. Stop trying to get to the floor and start trying to increase your flexibility. Instead of forcing your way to the ground bring the ground up to you. Place a Kettlebell by your foot and use the handle as your target. Make sure the the weight is touching the side of your foot. This will help you locate it as you lower down in the Windmill. Take your time and really work at owning this position. There is no need to rush to a lower position if you aren't comfortable here. Check on your legs, are they bending? I know what you are going to say, "I am only bending a little." Well "bending a little" is like being "a little pregnant." If you are bending then guess what, YOU ARE BENDING. Now cut that out! Once you get comfortable at this range you can start trying to go deeper by bending your arm. Work on this range until you own it. Performing 5 sets of 5 in your Kettlebell Windmill training will help develop your flexibility, strength and stability. Don't try to advance to quickly. One of the best ways to get somewhere fast is to take your time and learn the basics well. If your foundation is strong there is no limit to what you can do. In fact, as you learn this movement, don't rush to perform it with a Kettlebell overhead right away. Training the reverse windmill in this manner will help you develop your strength and confidence before you start training the overhead position. Once again work until you own this level of the technique. You can use a simple training protocol like a 5 X 5 and build strength and confidence in the movement. This may take one training session or several, the important part is to be competent and confident as you progress through each phase. With a strong foundation you will be able to build up to more advanced versions of the Kettlebell Windmill which we will feature in our next blog. Don't miss out on our next free training tips. If you want more great stuff like this subscribe to our newsletter for more videos, techniques and instructional blogs CLICK HERE or if you are ready to start training right now, join our Online Training Academy and get access to hundreds of instructional videos, workouts and articles.
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