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Hotels Etc Review - Agatsu Fitness

Hotels Etc Review

Gyms are open and we are back giving in person seminars. That means its time for us and you to book flight and hotels. Our students world wide are always asking us for the best place to stay when they come to Agatsu HQ in Montreal and we typically tell them to just grab a local Airbnb as finding good hotel deals can be very difficult.

There was a time when an AirBnB was a great alternative to a hotel stay, cheaper and often more comfy home away from home but in recent years this has changed. Increased prices with decreased service have turned us off to using that platform and had us return to hunting for deals on a great hotel.

Thankfully sent us a message recently and asked us to test out their platform. In return for a review they have given us access to their platform and WOW what a platform. When they contacted us detailing how their platform could save us and our students money on hotel and other travel expenses we were quite skeptical. I can still remember the early days of sites that promised big saving and some did deliver however I had though those days were long past but after testing I am happy to say it is possible to save and save quite a bit on hotels and travel with them.

Check out this video review and let me know if you use them and your thoughts.

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