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First Knuckle Push-Up, A Must Have Tool For Handbalancing - Agatsu Fitness

First Knuckle Push-Up, A Must Have Tool For Handbalancing

So you want to do this? Well before you start wowing your friends and your adoring Facebook fans you had better prep those baby soft mittens you call hands. That's right boys and girls Rome wasn't built in a day and you can't build a house on jello. Technical movements like the One Arm Handstand or anything handbalancing related movement should begin with proper joint prep. You want to build the grip of a grisly and the joints of Wolverine. This means working on your wrists with proper joint prep (something that will be covered in another blog) and strengthening your hands with a staple exercise of all handblancers, the First Knuckle Push-Up. The First Knuckle Push-Up is a common tool for gymnasts and circus performers but sadly rarely seen by fitness professionals. This deceptively challenging movement begins by setting up in a push-up position with your weight pushed forward. (Note-position in the photo is the set up for a gymnastics push-up) From this position slowly lift the heels of both palms simultaneously until most of your palm is off of the floor. To finish the movement slowly lower the heels of your palms back down only barely toughing the floor and then up again. This may be too much of a challenge for most people. To scale the exercise back find some space on a wall and assume the same position. This time lift the right hand first. Slowly lower down and then lift your left hand. Take terns alternating and building up your strength in this position. As you improve you can move your legs further away from the wall increasing the load on your hands. You can also give yourself a great challenge by lifting the palms at the same time. Once you are comfortable with the wall move down to the floor. You may have to perform the exercise on your knees (sissy push-ups) until you get strong enough to complete the movement in plank. Goal- Once you can perform the full First Knuckle Push-Up try completing 3 sets of 20 repetitions. Good luck! Give the First Knuckle Push-Up a try and post your results in the comments below.
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