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Get Certified this fall. New dates/locations just added.
Get Certified this fall. New dates/locations just added.
Don't Copy an Expert - Agatsu Fitness

Don't Copy an Expert

Beginners often rush to the internet for quick clues from experts on the best way to improve in their chosen field of study.

Of course you should seek out the guidance of an expert to improve and guide your training however you shouldn’t necessarily copy them.

Many amazing experts defy their sports. They excel as a result of a miraculous cocktail of attributes and intangibles. To try and copy someone like this would rob you of the same foundation that many of them needed to develop their foundations which they later were able to modify.

Take the great boxer Mohamed Ali for example. Let’s imagine you decide to become a great boxer. You lock yourself in your room for a weekend watching all of the Ali footage you can find on the internet. You practice his moves. You copy his low hands, stance and even how he leans in taunting his opponent daring him to take a swing at his face. After a few days of rigorous mimicking you hit a local boxing gym and try out your new skills.
After you wake up in the hospital you realize that you have just learned an important lesson. Don’t jump to copy what an expert can do, learn the basics they they learned which made them into an expert.

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