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Get Certified this fall. New dates/locations just added.
Get Certified this fall. New dates/locations just added.

Constantly Varied Interview with Agatsu Founder Shawn Mozen

Episode 9 – Shawn Mozen

On this episode of Constantly Varied, Brian Cauley & Dhani Oks talk with special guest Shawn Mozen. Shawn is the Founder and President of Agatsu, Canada’s leading Kettlebell manufacturer and educator, Host of The Agatsu Physical Culture Podcast and all around awesome guy. He is the foremost authority on Kettlebell training in Canada and a global leader in fitness training for professionals. Shawn has certified people in Kettlebell training in places like Belgium, Singapore, Hong Kong, Ireland and Iceland. Shawn came by to share his thoughts on training, life and more. Episode 9 features discussion on:
  • Analog vs Digital music, Brian’s tattoo, & the value of cassettes.
  • The formula to getting rich on fitness products, the shake weight & the next phase of fitness.
  • Dhani’s attempts at lucid dreaming, being detail oriented, & commonalities in how actors train.
  • The merits of technique over strength, getting out of your own way, & why the last rep is always better.
  • Shawn’s love of things that are technical, practising, & tricks.
  • The importance of fear, patience, & realistic goals.
  • What we can learn from a four year-old & why training is a mirror.
  • The practical benefits of training, & why you’ll loose about by training just for looks.
  • The common attributes of success, luck vs. fortune, & Shawn’s first Hummer.
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