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Agatsu Movement Challenge Week 8 - Agatsu Fitness

Agatsu Movement Challenge Week 8

Each week we will release a new video movement challenge on our blog and Instagram accounts. These movements are not simply show off tricks that have become so popular on social media but rather they are meant to shine a light on your personal practice. We truly are only as strong as our weakest links and you need to challenge yourself to try new movements to discover what those weak links are. While many people are frustrated by movements that they can’t perform their reaction should be of joy since their new discovery if trained properly will lead them to even greater potential. So lets all train together and take the Agatsu Movement Challenge.

“Change your movement and you change your life.”Shawn Mozen

This weeks challenge is one of our favorite Push-up complexes. This little complex is a good reminder to always stay strong in your basics. Pushing strength is fundamental and can always be improved. The video is filmed in time lapse so it fits in instagram, you should use a much slower tempo. Perform ten full pushups then pause at the top, middle and bottom for ten seconds. Pause on your way back up and then perform another ten pushups. Next load all of your weight onto one hand, pause for ten seconds and then switch and hold on your other hand. Continue with another ten full pushups. To regress the movement perform the pushups with your knees down or on a box or cut the number of reps. HOW DID YOU DO? POST COMMENTS BELOW. TAG AND SHARE WITH A FRIEND SO THEY CAN TRY IT TO. We love seeing trainers performing these weekly challenges with their clients. Keep those videos coming and tag us on Instagram @agatsufitness and on post your videos on our Facebook Page.

Agatsu Movement Challenge Week 8 "PUSH IT" This little #pushup complex is one of our favs and will remind you to keep working on your fundamentals. Perform ten full push-ups, then hold for ten seconds at the top, middle, and bottom (don't touch the floor bottom position is a couple inches off the ground) then come back up hold middle for ten. Perform another ten push-ups then hold all weight on right arm then the left then perform ten more push-ups. To regress cut the number of reps. HOW DID YOU DO? TAG A FRIEND SO THEY CAN TRY #calisthenics #fitnesschallenge #gymnastics #crossfit #parkour #dance #igfit #fitspo #streetworkout #barstarzz #agatsufitness #bodybuilding #yogachallenge #yoga #calisthenic #fitness #fitnessfreak #fitnessaddict #fitfam #yogafitness #crossfitlife

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