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Agatsu Movement Challenge Week 3 - Agatsu Fitness

Agatsu Movement Challenge Week 3

Each week we will release a new video movement challenge on our blog and Instagram accounts. These movements are not simply show off tricks that have become so popular on social media but rather they are meant to shine a light on your personal practice. We truly are only as strong as our weakest links and you need to challenge yourself to try new movements to discover what those weak links are. While many people are frustrated by movements that they can’t perform their reaction should be of joy since their new discovery if trained properly will lead them to even greater potential. So lets all train together and take the Agatsu Movement Challenge.

“Change your movement and you change your life.”Shawn Mozen

Aloha it's time for this weeks Agatsu Movement Challenge. This week we are working on the Hawaiian Squat. To perform the deep version of this movement you will need strength, balance, and flexibility in your hips and lower back. To regress the movement reduce your height and assist your balance by stabilizing yourself with the help of one hand touching the wall. Keep those videos coming we love seeing everyone trying these weekly challenges. TAG OUR Instagram and Facebook and we will share your videos in our social media. Be sure to tag @agatsufitness on twitter and instagram and our Facebook account for us to repost your clips. For everyone who has been writing in asking us for a great online resource to help improve their ability at these challenges we suggest you check out our online training. Our online training library is packed with progressions to help you attain your movement goals for mobility, flexibility, strength and endurance. Get access here ONLINE TRAINNG
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