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3 Ways To Help Improve Your Movement Diet - Agatsu Fitness

3 Ways To Help Improve Your Movement Diet

1-Morning Mobilization

Every morning wake up just a little earlier (10-15 minutes) and perform a general mobilization as a wake up routine for your body.

This routine is comprised of articulating each joint and then moving into some light mobility exercises such as locomotion, yoga or flow. This will help your joint health by getting more oxygen and blood to all of your tissues.

Light movement in the morning will also help you be more alert and energized as you start your day. Moving your body into new ranges of motion aids in heightening your nervous system, creates better mind/body connection and elevates your concentration capabilities. You will be teaching your body to be comfortable in new positions and set the tone for your day.

2-Take Movement Snacks

Some homework I give clients who sit/stand all day is to set their alarm to remind them to be up and move every 45 minutes or so.

For example let’s say you are sitting at a computer for the most part of your day, your hips will be in a closed position and most likely your t-spine will be in a rounded and flexed position. These positions can start to be the culprit for a lot of lower back pain. So I my clients perform simple mobility exercise to help reverse the question mark they feel their spine becoming while seated.

Some examples are:

-Bow & Arrows to get the t-spine moving

-Diagonal Stretch to open up those tight hips

-Bear Walks to stretch out the posterior chain

3-Be Consistent

Just like your food habits, moving your body is not something you do for one meal or time and expect to gain long term benefits.

Rather it is what you do day to day, little by little in your daily activities. Think about it, if you did a little work on improving your movement diet each day, what would your results be in a week, month and year?

If you have any questions or comments drop us a line below. We are here to help :)

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